About me

I am a writer and a coffee drinker. I'm not particularly obsessed with the letter C, but it turns out that I also like cake, chocolate and cats.

Two years ago I started the idea of ​​creating a blog, but I am not 100% sure of the form it should take ... I am sure of one thing: our blog does not would not consist of graphics, tables and images of trucks loaded with jute bags or coffee trees with the shadow of the photographer behind

What should a coffee importer's blog look like? What should I talk about? What topics could a coffee importer address?

I wanted our blog not to look like something easily classifiable. I are experts in one area, and that's what I wanted to share with every roaster, every barista or coffee enthusiast reading our blog. I are experts. Curiosity experts. I wanted to share with you every experiment I did, regardless of whether it was done in our lab to test the variation in TDS related to a roasting profile; or that it happens in a small village of El Salvador, during a comparative tasting of dried natural coffees in patio or on African beds. This is perhaps the best definition I can give of our blog: the sharing of experiences, which, in one way or another,

Through each post, I wish to arouse your curiosity on all topics related to coffee. Because this magic grain, which happens to be the fruit and the basis of our work, deserves it.

Today, two years after our debut bloggers, I thought that our blog itself deserved a better look. So this time, I put our efforts in its shape rather than in its content.

Thank you for your reading, comments and sharing (and perhaps also to take our writings seriously); because when I finish our articles, our computer, unfortunately, never applauds!

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