Enjoy a coffee in Cape Town: the 5 bars that are popular

Enjoy a coffee in Cape Town: the 5 bars that are popular

The coffee was apparently discovered in Ethiopia by a goat farmer, or rather one of his goats, who became particularly energetic and vivacious after grazing the grain of a certain coffee tree. We then thought someone energizing food for a goat must have the same virtues for humans - the rest is history. Today, you do not need to chew the grain anymore. Instead, we roast and brew for our greatest pleasure.

If there is one place where the tradition of coffee is in the spotlight, it is South Africa: discover some of the most enjoyable bars in Cape Town.

Truth is one of the most enjoyable bars in the world. Even if you do not like coffee, you should definitely go there, if only to visit the steampunk-inspired burger and bar. Everything from equipment to accessories to toilets has been carefully organized and designed to reflect the theme of Victorian fantasy. And what about the coffee produced by these machines from elsewhere? Other than that it's delicious. The baristas are world class. Truth is a cult place, not only for its coffee, but also because of its experience.

Deluxe Coffeeworks
At a time when all cafes are more or less alike , Deluxe Coffeeworks offers an invigorating change. The owners have a passion for coffee and they do not care to imitate their competitors: at Deluxe Coffeeworks, there is no wifi or fancy food. It is a coffee house, where there is only coffee and varieties of coffee beans. About grains, their mixes with fabulous names (and promising?), Such as Vengeance, Resurrection or Antithesis (decaffeinated), come from all over the world.

Bean There
Bean There is a bright, elegant and inviting place, where the interior and the coffee will not be the only ones to warm your heart: the way Bean There gets coffee and brews will also seduce you. The coffee they serve comes only from small, fair trade producers; all of their grains are roasted on site and in small quantities. A coffee that is at the same time the happiness of consciences and taste buds? There is no hesitation!

Jason Bakery
Jason Bakery (Jason Laboulerie) - as the name suggests - is not a coffee house. However, this home-made bakery serves all sorts of delicacies, such as pies, sandwiches, pastries and of course bread, which goes particularly well with coffee. So why not try a maple and peanut butter bacon croissant with your cup of "joe", a variety of coffee from the beans of our friend Deluxe Coffeeworks?

Origin Coffee Roasting
The name speaks for itself: Origin Coffee Roasting is a pioneer of artisanal coffee roasting in South Africa. Origin's tasting room is a must-go place to step up your coffee exploration. You will be able to test different grains, styles and equipment. Feel free to visit the fire department or take a few classes at the baristas school. But do not panic, it's not all about work and the pleasure is not neglected: you'll find a cafe where you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the moment or, if you choose, visit the salon. Origin tea to choose your favorite leaves for a tea ceremony.

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