Coffee in the world: what to order and where?

Coffee in the world: what to order and where?

The best days start with a good cup of steaming coffee in a new city or exciting new country. Fortunately, coffee - of all shapes and sizes - has invaded the world and you will find delicious varieties everywhere, which (theoretically) guarantees you great days, wherever you are. With so many blends, roasts and milky flavors, making the right choice can be a difficult endeavor - this is where our "international lifestyle guide" comes in to avoid missteps and discover different types. of coffee in the world.

Even the name of the caffeine-based star drink of the city of love seems elegant and romantic. Whatever the constraints of your schedule, book a peaceful afternoon of relaxation to enjoy the famous café au lait (it's all about coffee with milk in it, but defined in this way, it seems much less romantic!) After strolling through the charming and picturesque cobblestone streets of the French capital, sit in a small bar worthy of Instagram to enjoy your coffee. Pair it with some colorful macaroons or a delicious pastry to reward your incredible sense of local culture.

The Emerald City is the cradle of the original Starbucks . Imagine that without Seattle, one of your biggest obsessions would never have occupied so much of your life. How would you survive each fall without your pumpkin-flavored latte? What would you post on Instagram? Oh, horror. But do not expect to order anything usual - you're here to pay homage to the iconic green logo (originally brown), so trust the charming barmaids (even if they do not know how to spell correctly your name) and treat yourself to a steaming cup of any new blend this month.

Many trendy trendy cafés have sprung up in Barcelona, ​​which is handy when you want to take a break between visits. Moreover, who does not like to observe the passers-by while drinking a good coffee? The tallat - Barcelona version of the acortado , namely an espresso with a little milk vapor - is a must try. However, you will only be entitled to a dab of milk, so if you prefer a creamier coffee, order a coffee con leche , which will contain as much milk as espresso.

Fresh products are said to be the best things in life; unless it's free products? Be that as it may, Costa Rica is the perfect place to enjoy the freshest coffee. To taste the sweet brown nectar of beans grown a few feet away, visit as many green leaf coffee plantations as you can. The coffee produced here and widely exported is extremely popular around the world, so imagine how delicious it must be when freshly harvested, roasted and ground on the spot.

Are you convinced of being a coffee connoisseur? Do you think you can tell the difference between freshly ground and filtered, arabica and robusta? Well, one type of coffee, in particular, should be in your palette before you braid wreaths, dance around the table and proclaim you king of coffee - the kopi luwak . Native to coffee plants from the jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia, the kopi luwakis rich and aromatic, but lacks the bitterness of most blends. All this because of the treatment of the beans, you see, which are first partially digested (that is, ingested and expelled) by a swamp cat. It's fun, is not it? (In case this coffee digested by cats does not inspire you, we strongly recommend teh tarik - literally "pulled tea", whose preparation ritual is a pleasure to observe ... and not only because it does not contain feline droppings).

Why ? Because there is Instagram and because the caramelized frappuccinos are totally addictive. How many additional explanations do you really need to provide? Let the sugar and coffee - two celestial substances in themselves - merge in perfect harmony to form this blend that will refresh your hot summer days in New York. Add a little whipped cream and get ready to pose, frame and share. #easy.

There is something strangely satisfying to drink a powerful coffee in a tiny cup of porcelain. Especially when you savor this espresso sitting in the sun on the terrace of a picturesque cafe encroaching on the street to mingle with the passers of the Eternal City. This is only a brief pause between two visits, a dose of caffeine after admiring the Colosseum, before melting into the warm crowd of the Vatican. Ah, that life is good.

The best cafe in Tokyo is just like the city itself - weird and crazy, but undeniably wonderful. In fact, it's not even coffee. The green tea latte contradicts all the beliefs of most coffee drinkers - instead of coffee, the crushed green tea leaves are mixed with milk that they color with a violently suspicious shade of green. But if the people of Tokyo are obsessed with this drink, it's for a good reason (shocking confidence!): It is truly delicious.

In London, you must always go for it - the sales of Oxford Street shops are not waiting. Or you are late and do not want to miss the tube to go to your next class. Whatever the reason, everyone in the British capital seems in a hurry. A dose of caffeine will not be useless to follow the fast pace of commuters and crowds of tourists daily, this is where the modest Americano enters the scene: black, of course, because no one here has time to lose for add milk.

You may be surprised to hear it, but Australians do not spend their days drinking Foster's beer cans , they are very fond of coffee (in fact, they do not even drink from Foster's at all, But that's another story). Although Sydney has a temperate climate that is quite enviable throughout the year, a hot cup of coffee is always on the daily agenda of most of its residents. Order yourself a hassle-free flat white to start the day in Australian fashion - one or two cups of espresso with a little milk vapor. No syrups, no distractions.

Keep your caffeine rate high, my friends!

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